We have gathered the most Frequently Asked Questions in here

  1. Q: Where can I find Raygun?
    A: At www.buddy-fox.com/raygun
  2. Q: Does the controller work without Raygun?
    A: Yes, Raygun is only needed for the controller to read the DCS Export data, to flash the Master Caution lights in sync with the game.
  3. Q: My UFC controller is cycling it’s connection.
    A: The controller might need to cycle multiple times during the first connection, while Windows is trying to search drivers from the internet.
  4. Q: My UFC controller shows a message “This device cannot start. (Code 10)”
    A: Remove the device from your Windows Device Manager and retry connecting. If the UFC is cycling (see Q3) let it do so.
    The Master Caution light will lit up briefly when it restarts.
  5. Q: My UFC still won’t start!
    A: Try running it with an externally powered USB-hub, should your motherboard be running out of power supply for the USB-devices.
  6. Q: I can’t get all of my buttons to work!
    A: Because of Windows DirectX limitations, INTEN left and right and DEPR down are buttons n:o #33 #34 and #35 so they will not show up on the Windows controller configuration.
    Some older titles are also unable to recognize them, but they will show up correct should you map them in for example DCS: World.